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 Dare to Compare?
Albinator 2 Professional
photopost pro
Base Price
99 USD 129 USD
Member's Download Area access
lifetime only 1 year (need to pay extra after that)
PhpNuke & PostNuke Module Support
Templates & Skins / Themes support
Fully integrated Shopping Cart System
eCommerce enabled (automated selling of photos/media)
Pre-configured for Automatic Order processing (with paypal)
Separate Panels for user's Personal and forum postings
Personal Reminders Systems
Advanced Fake file testing
Fake file testing in ZIP/TAR
Interactive Album Skins-Themes / Manager
Upload formats checked via Content type not by extensions
Advanced Profile Fields Creator
Online Image Enhancement
(e.g. contrast, brightness, 3d effect, etc)
TAR Upload support
ZIP in ZIP or TAR in TAR uploads
Auto-Backup Database feature (period can be set)
Pre-made layouts to choose from for thumbnail pages
Third-party Scripts Integration 10 scripts only 6
We could go on and on, in short Albinator Professional clearly stands above with loads of features.
The above statistics are referred to photopostpro 4.0 version as on 11/1/2003 (m/d/y)

Whats Albinator all about?

Albinator is a system developed in PHP, backed by lightning speed database support of MySql. With its unique features, gives users on your website, the power to create, manage, personalize and showcase their own ePhoto albums. Very user-friendly tools to tell friends and family, manage, edit their albums & photos online.

Albinator is a hot choice for sites ranging from topics such as,

  • Modeling
  • Photo rating
  • Family Portals
  • Business sites needing to showcase their products
  • Art Gallery Websites
  • Product Selling websites
  • Review websites
  • Traveling
  • and lots more...


>> what makes Albinator an instant revenue generator

Before anything let us ask one thing, why should a visitor to a website, pay? very obvious for some services they need! But not just any services... the ones he/she must pay to have from your website only!

Firstly you have to inspire the user to take your services, you can just do that by giving screen shots of what they might get! Then what do you do and how albinator helps you do it...

For a very realistic example, my web host gives me 7 sub domain creation, how much does one 1 sub domain cost him? well nothing because these are not real subdomains, just forwarders... then why doesn't he give me infinite of them, its not costing him anything...?


well why should he, the more sub domains I make the more resource hungry his server gets, so he earns from me by every sub domain after 7 i create, because i need to make cost effective sites... he gave me 7 to play with and feel need for more... but what makes that possible for him? the software he runs! pretty simple isn't it...

well Albinator gives you exactly that powerful control...with its extensive Administration Panels, you can control the most significant features, the ones which your users will want when they register with you. What are they?

  • Most importantly, Amount of space for a user
  • No. of Albums for a user
  • No. of Photos for a user
  • No. of Reminders for a user
  • Make A/c types, e.g. Premium, Standard, etc and sell them easily
  • You can even select from Process Payments automatically

and lots more...

Webspace: Very importantly the user needs space to store his/her photos with your site, well you can control it... Give your choice first allowed space limit you want to give, aaa.. let take it to be 2 MB, not much but pretty much to experiment and get used to the system. So they pay you to get more space.

Albums: Now you can't just add photos anywhere you have to have albums for them, limit them and well rest you know.

Photos: well says itself, gives you as an admin the power restrict the amount of photos a user can upload. Very commonly used in Modeling websites, where models have limit to add the no. of photos they can add to the portfolio.

Reminders: Same story now a person can't get himself reminded once for all the birthdays in the whole year for his family, so he needs more..

Manipulation Access: This option was designed to give admin's control over users so that they don't simply use the site as manipulation of illegal images, so here you go you can restrict certain users only to have them or all of them, whichever way you want.

User Validity: Thats account expiry date.

And many more personalized options, so there are infinite ways to earn the thing is which one you think is the best... Well Albinator eases your choices...

That's just one Way to look at it:

- Sell your products automatically from your website
- Automatic Paypal gateway integration
- Automatc User Invoice Generation
- Sell full Albums
- Sell full Categories
- Sell Individual Items
- Sell User Levels

And above, you don't need to do anything when the user pays something, Albinator automatically gives them what they bought.

Now thats what we call Automatic!

 Edition Comparison
Customization options
Over 175
Over 100
Over 50
Personalized Albums
Upload formats checked via Content type not by extensions
Smart Resizer allows you to save crucial server space
Multiple formats to set Thumbnail view
Advanced control for WaterMarking
Multiple Upload Format Support
Multiple Language Support
Database Backup Utility
Template & System Skins/Themes
Online Photo Editing
(e.g. contrast, brightness, 3d effect, etc)
Multiple User system
Personal Reminders Systems
Advanced Album groups for restricted access
Advanced Profile Fields Creator
Advanced User Groups
Ecard System
User Validity setter
Cateogory/Directory Listing and Mangement System
Third-party Scripts Integration (e.g. phpbb, vbulletin, postnuke, etc)
Automatic Order processing (with paypal)
Separate Panels for user's Personal and forum postings
Advanced Category groups for restricted access
Interactive Album Skin-Themes / Manager
Photo Threading with existsing Forums
Embeded Albinator Forums
Photo Commenting & Rating System
Album Directory Listing
Keywords & Profile Searching
For detalied view of features, please visit the feature list pages of the respective editions

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