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Owned License

We currently provide owned licenses for Albinator. An owned license allows you to install one instance (one installation) of Albinator on one web server for only one web site with each license. One License of Albinator will give you the right to use / install it only once for one website / domain. With one license scheme we provide you with free technical support, which will include bug fixes & minor updates and access to the Members Area. The addons and other utilities can also be downloaded from the Members Area.

Owned License Pricing:

    Professional Edition
  $199 $99
    Standard Edition   $99 $69
    Personal Edition   $49

    Extra Licensing 

    PRO Standard Personal
    3-5 licenses
 15% off   15% off 10% off
    6-8 licenses   25% off  25% off 15% off
    10-15 licenses   30% off 30% off 25% off
    15+ licenses   40% off  40% off 30% off

Extra Licensing does not permit you RESELL the scripts in any form. Though you can purchase extra Licenses for your owned websites.
Hosts and Resellers please contact us for special discounts on bulk licensing.



New / Upgrade Installation Cost + ImageMagick Installation: $59

We can do the Installation of the system for you, this is can be called upon, if you think you are not familiar with the setup or PHP / MySql or the server configuration. This does not mean that we will install PHP or MySql or another compatible software needed to run Albinator (apart from ImageMagick). We won't be installing / importing any user profiles from other existing software on your website under the covered cost.

    Modified Versions

We do make changes or build addon's for the default release of Albinator, on the basis your preferences, you can send us your details of the features you wish to have. The modified versions cost extra to the license cost of Albinator.

for more information or queries please mail us at: support@albinator.com

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