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Get upto 100% Discount, details

Key Features
- Automatic Thumbnails
- Paypal Integration
- Recurring Payments Support
- Auto Order Processing
- Multi-Language Support
- Multiple uploads from Browser
- Multiple uploads via FTP
- Unlimited Categories
- Advanced User Groups
- Album Restricted Access
- Auto Watermarking
- ZIP/TAR Uploads
- In built Forum System
- Over 175 Customizations

- MultiMedia support
   .mp3,.mpg,.swf,.zip, etc

- Data media support
   .doc,.pdf,.htm,.txt, etc

- Integration with:

  PhpBB, vBulletin, Geeklog,
  Invision board, PhpNuke,
  DcpPortal, phpwebsite,

- PHP 4.0.6 +
- MySQL 2.x.x
- GD or Imagemagick

not sure your server supports all above? check now >>

Pricing $199 $99
(per domain)
Payment Options   Credit Card

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Convertors available
-- PostNuke / PhpNuke addon
    - 4images
    - My eGallery

Cool Tricks
You can sell different account levels to users by making different user groups, e.g.

- Premier Account - $24 / yr
  (100 MB, 99 Media, etc)

- Standard Account - $12 / yr
  (10 MB, 10 Media, etc)

Sell full Albums to users, with a nice demo first, how?

- Make Album, Bike Photos
- Upload photos in it

- Another Album, e.g.
  Bike Photos Demo
- Set Watermark settings
- Upload your photos
- Give price to photos

DONE!, now when someone buys Bike Photos Demo or its photos, gets access to the Real album's photos automatically.

powered by Imagemagick

 About Albinator Professional

Albinator Professional is specifically designed and developed for webmasters who require precision point control for their archive management needs. This edition encloses all the Addon's which were available with Albinator's earlier versions. It includes newer and advanced controls for your needs.

The Professional edition integrates with your choicest forum or portal script, (e.g. postnuke, vbulletin, phpbb, invision board, etc). The forum scripts are integrated in such a way that provide your users the power to create Media/Photo threads. Your users only need to Login once. If you do not have any other forum script, then you can use the inbuilt Albinator Professional's very own Albinator Forums.

For online photos/media selling websites, the pro edition provided a total control for the online shop management needs. The smart processing model gives you the power to give a demo to your users of the media they will be purchasing and once paid Albinator automatically will give them the access to the files (can be done manually also).

The best thing about Albinator is that, it gives the full control you need directly from your web browser, you don't need to edit any files manually. Everything is web panel based and is just as easy as clicking.

 Why Albinator

Just the power of Albinator makes it stand apart and higher than other scripts. A gallery so stunningly intelligent that it creates the most user-friendly environment for you and your website's users. Albinator was built understating your needs and the expectations of your visitors. Of course your gallery has to be Albinator 2. Needless to say, the new Albinator comes with a host of other features that practically read like a gallery owner's dream come true. But we'd rather let you discover them yourself.

Albinator's features will soon inspire considerable unfruitful efforts of imitation. Already some have started doing so, such as the Albinator's original Short URL system, which lets your user view their albums or profile via an easily remember able link, e.g. www.albinator.com/?mayank, has been copied by many so-called famous gallery scripts.

So the choice is up to you, go for an imitated and unsuccessful system or Albinator's own original unique system which will give you the power and the features you need and deserve. (Comparison with other Scripts)

 Integration with other scripts
- Users do not need to login twice
- You can convert any forum into photo forum
Portal Systems:
- Users do not need to login twice
- Works as a module or sub-part of the Portal System
  PhpBB 2 (screenshots : demo)   PostNuke (screenshots)
  vBulletin 2.x.x, 3.x.x (screenshots)   PhpNuke (screenshots)
  Invision Board (screenshots)   DcpPortal (screenshots)
  Albinator Forums (screenshots)   PhpWebsite (screenshots)
    GeekLog (screenshots)

 Premade Thumbnail Layouts

 Feature List
- Totally Template Based, you can as many skins/themes you wish with different colors and styles
- Easily edit template to change the photo view option as Review website
- Supports Ratings, Comments, Views counter for Review products
- Advanced Integration with Paypal for automatic order processing
- Easily sell site membership's with recurring payments. e.g. $25 every month
- Advanced Shopping cart system, sell space, albums limit, photo limit, etc. Or Sell media's, whole albums, whole categories
- Media/Photo Threads with existing forum scripts
- Supports your forums settings, e.g. if user joe is made moderator of a forum, then Albinator will automatically recognize him
- In built Forum System which supports multi threading messaging and photo/media threads. No external forum script required.
- Advanced Album Groups, give restricted access to only certain users the access of the Album
- Advanced Category Groups, give restricted access to users to the whole category of Albums
- Integrated Search system on basis of useranme, user email, country, realname.
- Integrated Keyword Search system with category searching, search word filters can be applied
- Integrated Keyword Search system for user profile searching, useful for Modeling or Talent Search websites
- User specific system resource allocation, e.g. space, album, media, reminder limit
- Moderation of Photos / Media can be applied. (any user can be made a moderator)
- Advanced User Groups, give user group access settings, e.g. system resources, restrict posting privileges, moderator settings, etc
- User Groups can be automatically be sold from the system it self with automatic processing after sucessful payment.
- Multi Language Support: User opted Language and Admin forced Language as default language
- Random photo generator from albums, integrates into any page of your website and displays a random photo in elegant style. (demo)
- Multiple Category Management System, with unlimited sub-categories (Yahoo! (tm) like Directory System)
- Change the display order of categories
- Each Category/Sub-Category can have its own header/footer design. Useful for adding Meta tags
- Individual Photo Rating System (1-10) for all media, average and total ratings displayer along with adminstrator opted image graph.
supports: IP or only members to rate (configurable by adminstrator), dual ratings checker, shows recent users who rated.
- Unique Views recorder for all Media
- User Comments, displays all comments under the photo/media, anybody or members can comment, (configurable by admin). Smiles supported in comments, HTML tags can be disallowed/allowed. Maximum Chararectors limit can be set.
- Comments can be first moderated or directly added (configurable by admin). Comments editable by admin/moderators.
- ZIP compressed file upload supported (can be disabled from the Administration panel). No need for external unzip module, in-uilt library functions do it all automatically.
- TAR compressed file upload supported (can be disabled from the Administration panel)
- MultiMedia upload support, .mp3, .mpg, .avi, .wav, etc. (Known formats are automatically streamed within the webpage)
- Date upload support, .doc, .pdf, etc.
- All these formats can be enabled/disabled from Administration Panel
- Batch Uploads, add multiple files from your servers directories, via FTP.
- Advanced control for WaterMarking, you can set various positions where the water mark can appear. Other options include, Tiling, opacity, effect format, automatic uploading from within the Adminstration Panel, etc. User's can be individualy set for watermarking settings.
- Media Uploads have multiple line description field, so you can add complete data of the product
- User's can be forced to register before viewing any photos/media
- Many formats from which you can choose to display thumbnails in Albums and Forums
- Slideshow of the Album, user can select between the delay of the media appearing depending on their bandwidth
- Quick Rate option allows your users to rate photos one by one which appear immediately after rating one media.
- Users can create and group their albums under their own personal categories,
e.g. Album "My US Tour" can several sub-albums, e.g. Washington Visit, Las Vegas, etc.
- Advanced Error handling and reporting systems, option to mail complete digest once in a day or mail immediately
- Registeration can be closed for personal websites
- After registeration method can be selected, send activation link or give direct access
- Mail me this photo, option to send photo as attachment or send a link to the user
- User Favorites option, users can add Albums, Media or Forum Threads
- Albums can random or selected Cover image
- Album Skins/Themes: Make those boring list of photos come to live with pre-made album skins/themes, e.g. birthday, internet, baby showers, etc. Administrator can add/edit/delete Album skins/themes.
- Smart Resizer, allows you to save crucial space with auto resizing of photos which fall in nearly the set limit.
- User Validity setter with Automatic blocker of user account, allows the adminstrator to set custom messages to be sent when user's account validity expires and is blocked or Warning mail before N days of validity expiry date. Option to get the list of users warned and blocked by Admin. Very useful on paid sites.
- Default Validity Setter, best for giving demo accounts on signup
- Database Importer, which allows you to import your current user database into Albinator Tables
- Space Calculation Scheme to give more control for calculation of space. e.g. what to add to the space the user used, thumbs, original, intermediate photos.
- Site Design integration, easily add your design of the site (header, footer, head tags)
- Set system resources limit for individual users or groups. Support for space, album, reminders, media upload Limits.
- Limit to Maximum Size photo to be displayed with auto resize or add another scalled down image with full image link
- Define size of Various thumbnail sizes
- Advanced Fake file testing, also in ZIP's
- Users can send any of their photos or media as ecards. Administrator can allow users to send ecards from different albums also.
- Ecard's have interactive music, colors settings. All music can be easily added/deleted from the Administration Panel
- Registeration form can any number of automatically made profile fields, which can be forced to be filled before signing up
- Reject/Accept Photos above or below certain dimension limit
- Administrator can add albums/media/photos for any user
- Option to email Administrator when there are new uploads (option for each upload or once in a day as digest)
- Automatic Logs maker, record each move of your admistrators, users. Comes with an automatic old logs deleter.
- Option to display photo's EXIF information
- User Notify or Mailing users, has advanced options like, sending attachments, personalized Albi Codes, saving mail templates, etc
- Email address/usernames/IP Address can be disallowed
- Many Advanced Administrator's tools for manage albums, move, copy, delete whole albums, photos, reminders, ecards, etc
- Automatic Database backup and Optimization Utility or you can take dump whenever you wish
- Enable/Disable saving orignal names of files uploaded
- Option to choose between to show Albinator's User profile or integrated scripts profile
- List of Maximum usage by users, e.g. user with maximum albums, photos, spaces used, media uploaded, etc
- List of Top N Rated media, Commented media, Vistied media, Voted media
- System Status, the system can Shutdown to normal users, displaying a message you give will shutting down, But it allows administrators to login.
- tell family & friends about albums
- easy create and adding of media in personalized albums
- create private or protected albums
- tools for user to manage albums
- edit photos online with 20+ filters
- send personalized photo eCards
- Personalized Reminder system
- personalized arrange of photos as the user likes
- many personalized settings for user, e.g. to show borders, list private albums, hide email, etc
- visitors can send password request to the Album owner of Private album
- Easy web-based setup
- Users can upload multiple photos within a zip file
- Post comments about photos
- Edit or delete user's own comments
- Commments Moderators can b emade
- Edit the description of user's uploaded photos, or delete their photos
- Copy/Move their photos from one album to another
- Editing photos online, e.g. correcting contrast, brightness, border, 3D effect, rotate, etc
- Send a photo as an e-Card or greetings card
- Choose how many thumbnail images to display per page and per row
- Albums uploading page displays disk space used by the user
- View Recent Uploads - A link to show the posts in the past 1, 7 and 30 days.
- View All Uploads - can be viewed and then sorted (for exmaple to see the most popular uploads in all groups)
- My Favorites - Users will have the ability to "tag" images for their own "My Favorites" feature.
- Registration System support automatic new field which you can create from the Administration Panel, e.g. age, weight, etc
- Multiple image uploads via FTP with automatic thumbnail generation. Add unlimited images via FTP then automatically parse them into Albinator.
- Exempt admins from diskspace/file size limits
- Exempt admins from upload approval process
- Shutdown System for periods of maintainence or backup
- Change the display order of categories
- Set number of thumbnail columns in the thumbnail display screens
- Scan DB will also add watermarks to all your images if selected
- Deleting a category gives you option to save albums but delete category or delete everything
- Option to turn OFF rating of photos (turns off display, too)
- Option to require users be registered to view images
- Tested on huge traffic sites
- Dynamic titles for pages to improve search engine indexing
- Slideshow display of images in dynamic (all in one page) or page by page for a low bandwidth
- GD2 support for image resizing, watermarks and on-the-fly watermarks (or use ImageMagick for all but on-the-fly)
- ImageMagick support for image resizing and watermarks (or use GD2 or GD 1.6 or lower)
- Supports to over 20 multimedia formats and developed in a way so that you can add your choicest formats also
- Detailed Thumbnail display pages
- Images stored on disk in a directory rather than in the database, which allows them to be cached by browsers, saving bandwidth.
- Unlimited Photos uploads, limit can be set from the Administration Panel
- Tested in PHP 4.3.0, 4.3.1
- Tested in Unix/Apache environments
- Tested in Windows 2000 w/ IIS
- prevents multiple views and voting in a configurable timeframe
- Over 175 Administraion Customization options
  Its very hard to list all features Albinator, for a complete hands on exprience take a demo.


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